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Personality Illustration

Ravi Kumar Goli - Founder & Managing Director of VGreen Media, India

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The way Mr. Ravi places himself and V Green Media, it is fitting that arrangement of elements and the illustration as a whole try and attain the divine proportion and composition. Hence this illustration follows the golden ratio.

golden ratio.png

After a couple of meetings and a few telephonic conversations, we could understand that He comes across as
"The person who establishes, an initiator of things, He is the soil on which things grow”

All things that emerge out of him are full of life and energy. All elements are moving upward indicate that everything that comes out of him is progressive. So is VGreen Media, which he treats like his own child. The big flower at the center bears V Green Media's logo.


He places his faith above all and hence elements that represent his faith appear above all materialistic things.

The 18 steps moving upwards symbolize his desire and dedication to live Ayyappa Deeksha 18 times i.e. every year for 18 years.


Mr. Ravi is an avid reader. In fact, he has his own library and finds his inspiration in autobiographies.

Two significant inspirations are Infosys and Apple. Pages flying down and becoming one with him symbolize the knowledge, inspiration, motivation, and most importantly it shows he is made of the words/books he has read in his lifetime.

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