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Swiggy Doodle Campaign

Creating a unique and memorable experience through art.

The Indian Food Delivery Giant, Swiggy collaborated with Redtin Studio to create a campaign in Bengaluru through which they wanted to express their gratitude to their loyal customers.


The Bowl Company, owned by Swiggy delivers food in a white multi-use microwavable plastic bowl. The core idea was to use The Bowl Company's form factor, the bowl in a creative way, and make it a collectible in itself. 

To us, the bowl was a blank canvas that can be turned into a memorable piece of art.

After thorough brainstorming, we decided to hand-doodle the bowls so that each bowl is different, and whoever would receive it will feel special.

We hand-picked artists from different parts of the country to doodle on the bowl surface while keeping the safety and precautionary standards in check. 

We created 6400 customized hand-doodled bowls made by 38 artists from different parts of India and no two bowls were identical. 

This way of making the customers feel special became a huge success when people receiving their orders in these bowls hailed the effort. It was a scenario where the bowls weren't discarded but rather restored as a memory. 

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