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Aina is an AI-powered smart ring designed by Lazy Co., India.


Aina predicts shortcuts for you based on your phone usage habits so you can book cabs, control smart home, and unlock devices instantly. It also lets you take phone calls from your fingers, make payments, control presentations, and much more.

Being up to 7x faster than your phone touchscreen at doing regular tasks, Aina redefines the way you have been using Smartphones.

When asked what is Aina? Apoorv Shankar, the founder, and CEO of Lazy Co. simply responded It is the Laziest way to control everything you want to from your smartphone.

Apoorv's reasoning that humans like any other creature on the planet, are designed to prefer an easier and faster way to get a regular task done.

He calls this natural preference of getting things done “the lazier way”.

The brief was to create a visual form of this philosophy which was the core belief of Lazy co.

The visual must also compliment Aina's premium look.

The key was to use minimum elements to achieve the visuals with elegance. We focused on using lines as a medium of the depiction of lazy.  Curved lines are organic, unassuming, and yet when a set of curved lines are arranged together, a visual appeal is created.


It represents Lazy Co.'s vision of using laziness as an inspiration to create products.

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