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Sanjay Reddy

FeaturesSpotify LevelUp Program (Podcast), Creative Gaga, Kommuneity, Indiefolio Network Blog, Eenadu Newspaper, ETV News Channel, Vanitha News ChannelVoice of Anchor (Podcast), The interview PortalIndian Design Society (Podcast)Top 10 Illustrators in India(Hexcode'19), & Top 10 Indian Design Podcasts(Apple Podcasts), Jury member, Adjunct faculty, & Masterclasses in Design Universities in India. 

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Sanjay Reddy Illustration Redtin Studio.
Sanjay Reddy Redtin Studio Illustration.
Sanjay Reddy Illustrator Sanjay

With over the course of 7+ years of creating customized illustrations, 3+ years of being a design educator mentoring design aspirants, 2+ years of podcasting, and 3+ years of the entrepreneurial journey, I've realized asking the right questions can take you a long way. Basic questions like What, Who, Why, When, Where & How can solve the majority of the problems we face at work & in life.

His forte is working on concepts, ideation, out of the box thinking, breaking down a challenge into small phases to identify the core and finding creative solutions to complex problems. Sanjay also mentors design aspirants, many of his mentees are pursuing masters or bachelors in design from National Institute of Design (NID), Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), and National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT). His work reflects his mad passion for design.

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